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Acquired Ulsan Headquarters, Korea International Maritime Research Institute
Published on:2019/4/24 17:01:05
Ulsan city announced on 17th that the Ulsan headquarters of the Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Research Institute won the international explosion test laboratory (IECEx TL) certification.

The international explosion test laboratory qualification is an international mutual certification system for explosion-proof equipment and is operated by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Equipment installed in explosion-proof areas such as near gas tanks must be certified as an international explosion-proof laboratory because it can be installed and used only after obtaining explosion-proof certification.
As a result of this qualification, Ulsan City is expected to be able to reduce the time and cost by establishing a system that can acquire a certificate of an overseas certification body through a business agreement with major overseas certification bodies.

An official of Ulsan city said, "We have been able to provide higher quality explosion test certification service through the accreditation of Ulsan Headquarters of Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Equipment Research Institute as an international explosion test laboratory." "We are able to maximize the effect of enterprise support I will continue to explore the plan, "he said.